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Why Should You Trust Aqua Cooling for Your Temperature Control Hire Solutions?

At Aqua Cooling, our belief is that you, as our customer, should get the same level of support no matter if you are purchasing or renting your temperature control equipment.


Our core values are what make us who we are – the leaders in our industry! These values are technical excellence, care, and a ‘can-do’ attitude. No matter what you require, we can get you the solution that you need efficiently.


Aqua Cooling offers nationwide coverage and 24/7 support 365 days of the year. Hiring from us means that you’ll have complete support. We have helped with over 10,000 projects across many industry sectors, and we consider each challenge that we are faced with in relation to each customer. We’ve spent 20 years as cooling specialists – therefore you should trust Aqua Cooling with your temperature control solutions:


Our Equipment:


We are stocked with a wide range of hire equipment; we can provide you with exactly what you need for your specific application, from chillers, air handlers, and boilers right through to portable air-con and heating units. Our equipment uses the latest temperature control technology to guarantee efficiency and reliability. We also offer non-ferrous, low temperature chillers, and the option of free cooling (which saves you energy and money).

We are also the first UK company to include adiabatic coolers within our fleet!


As well as being key in an emergency scenario there are lots of other ways in which renting your temperature control equipment can pay dividends.  Seasons and seasonality impact production dramatically for a lot of businesses. That’s where we can help! Renting your equipment allows production levels to be ramped up & down without needing to invest in fixed equipment. If you’re working on a planned maintenance project, a hire unit can help you keep up & running whilst work is carried out. For some customers, long term hire has lots of benefits, including preserving CapEx and helping with budgeting. After all, lots of businesses rent their company cars and other assets – so why not your temperature control equipment?



Our Engineers


We’ll only send fully qualified engineers to the site and they’ll fully familiar with working in accordance with all RAMS and site-specific H&S conditions.


All our engineers are F-Gas qualified for cooling application and/or registered Gas Safe for any gas-specific work. They’re also CDM compliant (Construction Design and Management Regulations)


We are completely dedicated to giving you the best rental solution by providing you with a free site visit and a technical assessment, we’ll make sure you get the hire solution that you need for your business, not just what we have left in stock! We can even design a bespoke system if needed.


Delivery and Installation


Once the equipment & installation have been agreed upon, work is only carried out with your prior agreement. We will never expect you to position your own kit. Our team will take care of it for you – there are no curbside deliveries with us!


Our 24/7 delivery service is also fully tracked and timed.


We offer same day delivery too!


Ready to Hire Your Equipment?


As a company, we have been a recipient of The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation, so you can be sure that you are investing your trust in the right temperature control solution provider. We can assist with any hire requirement you have, whether short, medium, or long term rental.


Next time you are looking to hire cooling or heating equipment give our hire desk a call on 0333 004 4433.  Call us or contact us with an outline of your requirements and we will deal with everything from there!

Hire Equipment

How Hiring Temperature Control Solutions Can Benefit You – Long and Short Term

Our Hire division offers temperature control solutions to customers with temporary requirements. Our fleet includes chillers, air handlers, boilers, portable air conditioning, and heating units. Products are available on either short-term, mid-term, or long-term temperature control hire and everything can be rented flexibly around your specific requirements and applications.

Long Term Temperature Control Solutions: Hire

For some customers, renting equipment on a long-term basis simply suits their business model better than outright purchase.  As well as being tax-efficient, you protect your capital expenditure and avoid becoming encumbered with a depreciating asset further down the line.

Hiring equipment also takes away any element of surprise, giving total peace of mind.  Your monthly costs are fixed for the duration of your contract with us and, in the unlikely event that there is ever an issue with equipment, it will simply be exchanged.  This protects your business and/or production from downtime.

Service and maintenance costs are built into your rental agreement with us.  If you purchase the equipment outright you must allow for these additional costs to achieve a true cost of ownership. Without the safety net of regular servicing and planned maintenance, you risk equipment failure, which could result in you needing emergency hire support regardless.

Hire Equipment for a Breakdown/Emergency Incident

Our Hire service enables your business to carry on running seamlessly in a breakdown or emergency. The team will deliver replacement equipment to your site and connect it to your existing system so that you are back up and running as quickly as possible. We understand that business downtime is costly, and we will ensure it is kept to an absolute minimum. You then have the breathing space you need whilst your permanent equipment is repaired.

Our rental equipment and specialist engineers are based across the UK, ensuring that Aqua Hire can offer customers nationwide coverage every day of the year. When you hire from us you have the added benefit of knowing that one of our engineers is never far away and can support you 24/7. Whether it is a site survey or help with installation, we’re used to working very quickly! We offer same-day delivery on our rental equipment and our minimum hire period is just one week.


Use Equipment for a Planned Event or in a Temporary Scenario

Hiring is perfect if you require equipment for a planned event or as a temporary overflow. For example, if you are carrying out a planned maintenance job to the cooling or heating equipment within your building or facility, we can deliver rental equipment to give continuity of service to the residents and staff. We can supplement equipment within your existing production facility to reduce bottlenecks or help with seasonal demand. Or, if you are working on new product development or a research project, we can arrange a package of equipment for R&D and trial purposes.


Contingency Planning Hire Equipment

Our Temperature Control Contingency Planning service is designed to help with the “what if” scenarios and is particularly pertinent to critical facilities and processes where there is zero tolerance to business interruption. We will come to the site and carry out a detailed survey of your equipment and operation by putting together a bespoke plan. We then factor in your requirements when we are managing our fleet and all your equipment is specified and ready to go. If you then ever need your Plan B, we are just a telephone call away.


Ready to Hire?

To see an example of a few ways that we have helped our other customers (using our technical expertise), and to find out how it has benefited their companies, take a look at our news page!

To get your own temperature control solutions, or if you have any other questions or queries, call our Hire Desk on 0333 004 4433.

vinyl presents

Vinyl Presents Aims To Turn The Table On Overseas Vinyl Market

The Client –

Vinyl Record Manufacturer

The Challenge –

Highly Technical Temperature Control System For New Factory

The Solution –

Bespoke Cooling System, Full Design & Install

Portsmouth based Vinyl Presents are aiming to shake up the vinyl record market with their new state of the art manufacturing facility and an Aqua temperature control system is at the heart of the pressing process.

Aqua Cooling designed and installed their bespoke cooling system, as well as installing a steam heating system designed by others which works in-conjunction with the pressing machinery.

The process starts with the raw vinyl material being melted before being passed to the pressing plates that have metal stampers containing the music installed on each plate. The pressing plates are then heated with steam and squeeze the vinyl into shape and press the music onto the vinyl, chilled water quickly cools the plates so that the vinyl retains the required “record” shape. The excess vinyl is trimmed off and the records are automatically transported to cooling spindles ready for a night on the shelf before being hand sleeved and distributed to eagerly awaiting customers.

The full solution includes:

  • Bespoke cooling system – air cooled chiller, plate heat exchanger,
    inverter, pump and tank
  • Full install & commissioning of the cooling system
  • Steam boiler
  • Installation of the steam system equipment and piping as well
    as the compressed air pipework
  • Full design & installation service
  • Ongoing technical support

In 2016 market demand for vinyl in the UK was over 1,700,000 records per month, with the majority of pressing plants situated abroad. Vinyl Presents’ production facility in Victory Trading Estate, Portsmouth went into operation at the end of August and their order books are already filling up fast.

“Our plan is to bring record manufacture home to the UK” explains Daren Fudge, Vinyl Presents’ Director & CEO. “A huge percentage of vinyl is currently pressed overseas which is a trend we want to reverse. Our philosophy is pretty simple – we believe we can put the UK back on the map as a leading vinyl producer by manufacturing a high-quality product backed up with great customer care.”

Record manufacture is a highly technical process and one in which quality is key. Vinyl Presents’ factory uses cutting edge pressing technology and an innovative temperature control system to maximise efficiency and quality, enabling each machine to produce 2 records every minute.

Daren Fudge, comments “From the moment our engineer at Vinyl Presents first spoke to Aqua Cooling they filled us with confidence that they would be the right company to help complete our bespoke project. Their experienced team ensured the project was designed with efficiency and future expansion in mind, the installation was executed on time, on budget and the construction and commissioning activities were completed to an exceptionally high standard. We are delighted with the system performance and will continue to call upon their services to provide technical support and to help us with our future expansion.”

From initially identifying a gap in the market place, Vinyl Presents were up and running within a year and their rapid growth shows no sign of slowing. Aqua Cooling have designed the system pipework alongside Vinyl Presents’ own Process Design Engineer with future expansion in mind. The factory can triple the size of their current production when desired simply by adding additional presses and cooling equipment.

The vinyl market itself shows no sign of slowing either, in fact quite the opposite. BPI (British Phonographic Industry) statistics show that the vinyl market has grown again this year, for the ninth year in succession. After the growth in CDs, digital downloads and streaming it seems that audiences are now embracing the more tangible and physical form of the retro vinyl record – although perhaps its days of being retro are numbered!