Fluid Coolers – fluid coolers, or closed circuit cooling towers, are ideal for applications within the industrial and HVAC sectors.

The MH Fluid Cooler has been re designed to provide even greater range of performance.

The MH Fluid Cooler is one of the most efficient systems for industrial and HVAC closed circuit cooling towers on the market. Keeping the process fluid in a clean by containing it away from the ambient air stream but combining the function of a cooling tower and heat exchanger into one system, this provides superior operational and maintenance benefits.

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Full Turnkey Solutions

Aqua’s aim is to build a life-long relationship with our customers, becoming essentially a “one stop shop” for all your temperature control requirements, for now and the future. The three divisions of our business – Sales, Hire & Service – enable us to help clients every step of the way.

Our USP is our ability to offer clients a complete turnkey solution. We’ll work with you from initial site visit and system design to installation and commissioning. Our services include:

  • Free design consultancy, including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations
  • Mechanical and electrical installation – encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power and cabling, all CDM compliance, full project management and delivery
  • Aftersales support – including preventive maintenance plans to maximise product lifespan and efficiency

Our business is built on our core values of technical excellence, care, integrity and a “can do” attitude. We train all our people to be specialists in what they do – innovative engineers dedicated to providing practical, effective and efficient solutions supported by second-to-none customer service.

Case Studies

The MH Fluid Cooler is one of the most energy efficient closed circuit cooling tower systems on the market and a great choice for Industrial and HVAC applications.

  • A recent addition to the range is Copper Coil offering superior corrosion resistance, improved heat transfer, reduced operating weight and numerous other benefits
  • Maximum Efficiency high efficient components deliver consistent, reliable cooling with low input power
  • With higher capacity per footprint than conventional closed circuit cooling tower designs, the MH Fluid cooler is a great fit for applications with space restrictions
  • Unmatched Reliability backed by our 5-year mechanical warranty helps keep your process running year after year
  • Certified Performance in our standard models are independently certified by the Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) for performance with water, ethylene glycol solutions and propylene glycol solutions
  • Low Sound Operation with low-sound fans as standard, the MH Fluid Cooler is suitable for most noise sensitive situations. Multiple fan and attenuation combinations are now available to meet sensitive sound requirements
  • Optional Dry Capability has been increased with an optional extended-surface coil for part-load dry operation in cold ambient conditions

Advantages Of Fluid Coolers

  • Hybrid design
  • Utilizing a combination of evaporative fill media and prime surface coil(s), this offers significantly improved performance over conventional closed-circuit cooling towers
  • The coil contains the process fluid internally
  • Heat is transferred from the process fluid to the tower water as it flows over the outside of the coil tubes
  • The recirculating water that is heated by the coils is pumped from the collection tank to the gravity distribution tank
  • A small portion of the recirculating water is evaporated, efficiently rejecting heat to the atmosphere

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Established in 2001, Aqua Group are a market leading force in the design and supply of innovative temperature control solutions. Our team has a vast product knowledge base and years of application experience and is focused on finding the most energy efficient and price competitive solution for your specific business needs.

Whether you’re an end user looking for a bespoke cooling system design or a trade customer trying to source a single chiller unit, our specialist engineers are on hand to help. Aqua Group’s core values – Technical Excellence, Can-do Attitude, Integrity and Care – are at the heart of everything we do, and we always strive to achieve the highest level of customer service experience.

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