Industrial Chillers – Aqua offer a vast selection of air and water cooled chiller units for process and air conditioning applications. Our standard units start from just a few kW right up to 1.2MW+ and operate within a temperature range of -40° to +25°C. Scroll, screw, inverter-driven and Turbocor compressors are available, along with plate or shell & tube evaporators and EC/AC fans.

We also offer integrated free cooling chillers and low GWP refrigerants including propane and R32. In addition, our in-house design service allows us to offer a totally bespoke product if required by the application or working environment. With a focus on energy saving technology, our aim is to offer customers the very best chiller solution for their specific cooling needs.


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Aqua Group are a leading specialist in process and industrial cooling. Product range includes chillers, cooling towers, adiabatic and air blast coolers, with operating ranges -45°C to +120°C.


Aqua Hire offer an extensive range of temporary temperature control solutions, including gas, oil and dual fuel industrial boilers, process and air conditioning chillers for short-long term Hire.



Aqua Service provides complete UK aftercare support, including preventive maintenance plans, spare parts, glycol or emergency breakdowns. Nationwide engineers offering a 24/7 response.

Most Popular Chillers

Below is just a brief overview of the different types of chillers within our product range, but our technical sales engineers are on hand to guide you through the different models and help with product selection for your specific requirement.

Air Cooled Chillers

Our ENR and SBS process chiller ranges are available with integrated free cooling (ENRF and SBSF models). Our CSE chillers are designed for indoor applications.

Process Chillers

Our range of small to large Industrial Process Chillers are designed and manufactured specifically for the demands and return water temperatures of the process market, with quality, reliability and efficiency being key drivers.

ENR Chillers

Our range of ENR air-cooled chillers have capacities from 1.6kW right through to 410kW. They’re designed for applications requiring reliability, high levels of efficiency, continuity of operation and minimal maintenance costs.

SBS Chillers

Aqua’s SBS chillers are designed with either dual or triple refrigerant circuits to maximise efficiency and overall performance.

Turbocor Chillers

Using the very latest in compressor technology, these chiller units are ultra efficient. Aqua offer water and air-cooled models, from 200kW to 4.2MW. Turbocor chillers can cut energy use by 35% when compared to traditional chiller design.

Low Temperature Chillers

For temperatures down to -40°C, Aqua Group also offer a range of low GWP refrigerants options which can be retro-fitted to reduce running costs for established low temp chiller units.

Propane Chillers

A popular low GWP alternative to ammonia chillers, our units run on R290 Hydrocarbon propane which is 100% natural.

Water Cooled Chillers

Our ENW water cooled chiller range, from 3kW to 450kW. With facility to build custom chillers up to 6,500kW.

Free Cooling Chillers

Aqua offer free cooling as an integrated factory fitted option or as a bolt on upgrade. The free cooling concept dramatically reduces power usage and running costs. Free cooling uses lower ambient temperatures whenever possible, saving on mechanical cooling. Our ENR, SBS and Turbocor chillers are all available with free cooling.

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Full Turnkey Solutions

Aqua’s aim is to build a life-long relationship with our customers, becoming essentially a “one stop shop” for all your temperature control requirements, for now and the future. The three divisions of our business – Sales, Hire & Service – enable us to help clients every step of the way.

Our USP is our ability to offer clients a complete turnkey solution. We’ll work with you from initial site visit and system design to installation and commissioning. Our services include:

  • Free design consultancy, including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations
  • Mechanical and electrical installation – encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power and cabling, all CDM compliance, full project management and delivery
  • Aftersales support – including preventive maintenance plans to maximise product lifespan and efficiency

Our business is built on our core values of technical excellence, care, integrity and a “can do” attitude. We train all our people to be specialists in what they do – innovative engineers dedicated to providing practical, effective and efficient solutions supported by second-to-none customer service.

Case Study

Aqua Seals The Deal With Retro-Fit Free Cooling

For a client running air cooled chiller units to feed their injection moulding hall, the simple addition of a bolt-on Free Cooler to their existing cooling system is forecast to save them over £34,000 in energy costs every year. Our London based client specialises in producing seals and sealing solutions which are used in the fluid power industry worldwide. Their production facility runs 24/7, so it’s essential that any system downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

The benefit of adding Free Cooling into a system is that overall power, or energy use, is greatly reduced. Because the lower ambient air temperature is used to cool the process return water wherever possible, the need for mechanical cooling is much less. In addition, by reducing the running time of the equipment you automatically extend its lifetime and lower lifetime maintenance costs. You also gain built in redundancy – if your chiller fails the Free Cooling side can still operate. The technology within the Free Cooling unit senses both the return fluid temperature and the ambient air temperature. When the ambient is lower than the return water temperature, the fluid is passed through a coil that exchanges the heat in the fluid to the ambient air, using just the mechanical effect required to drive the fans to pull the air through.

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Why Call Aqua?

Established in 2001, Aqua Group are a market leading force in the design and supply of innovative temperature control solutions. Our team has a vast product knowledge base and years of application experience and is focused on finding the most energy efficient and price competitive solution for your specific business needs.

Whether you’re an end user looking for a bespoke cooling system design or a trade customer trying to source a single chiller unit, our specialist engineers are on hand to help. Aqua Group’s core values – Technical Excellence, Can-do Attitude, Integrity and Care – are at the heart of everything we do, and we always strive to achieve the highest level of customer service experience.

For help with product selection and technical advice call our sales team today on 0333 004 4433.