Water Treatment Services – Aqua Group offer a range of water treatment services, available as part of one of our Planned Preventative Maintenance plans, which are vital for Legionella management.

Legionnaires disease is a potentially fatal infection. The disease is caught by the inhalation of droplets of water from water systems containing the organism at high levels. Although legionnaires disease is relatively rare, other infections can also occur, such as Pontiac Fever and Lochgoilhead Fever.

The true numbers of Legionella infections are not known, but the detected outbreaks attract massive publicity and could cause system operators to be prosecuted for serious offences. The HSE publishes an Approved Code of Practice (ACoP L8), which provides guidance on legionella control and legionella Testing. Complying with L8 helps you to comply with the law and avoid significant fines or even a custodial sentence.

Case Studies

Legionella bacteria can thrive in any water system that has the right environmental conditions. There is a reasonably foreseeable legionella risk in your water system if:

  • water is stored or re-circulated as part of your system;
  • the water temperature in all or some part of the system may be between 20–45 °C;
  • there are deposits that can support bacterial growth, such as rust, sludge, scale and organic matter;
  • it is possible for water droplets to be produced and, if so, whether they can be dispersed;
  • it is likely that any of your employees, contractors, visitors etc could be exposed to any contaminated water droplets.

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Legionella Management Strategy

Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, adiabatic coolers and any other equipment linked to, or with, a stored or re-circulating water source are considered high risk breeding grounds for the legionella bacteria. At Aqua, we can provide you with a comprehensive legionella management strategy to help ensure your statutory compliance to ACoP L8 and reduce your risk of a legionella outbreak. This will include:

  • A risk assessment to identify and assess the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria from your work activities and the water systems on your premises;
  • Testing of water samples for legionella and other water based bacteria using independent United Kingdom Accredited Service (UKAS) laboratories;
  • A summary of the measures needed to prevent or control the risk of a legionella outbreak from your activities/premises and frequency;
  • Implementation and management of the recommended legionella prevention/control measures;
  • Written records of the key findings of the risk assessment and all actions taken to manage and control legionella risks;
  • Guidance to help you appoint a Statutory Duty Holder and Responsible Person to help you manage the legionella risk in your organisation, and;
  • Support in the scheduling of review meetings (minimum of annually) to check records, provide an update on any legislative/regulatory and assess suitability of current prevention/control measures.

Cleaning And Disinfection Services

Aqua can provide a range of cleaning and disinfection services to reduce the risk of legionella developing in your water system. Depending on the utilisation of the system in operation at your premises, these can include:

  • Manual dosage of disinfectants, dispersants and bio dispersants;
  • introduction of continuous automated chemical dosing equipment;
  • more frequent microbial monitoring (eg monthly legionella sampling), and;
  • partial system shutdowns (eg single cooling tower cells) to allow inspection and cleaning of that part of the system.

For optimum protection for your business, we recommend taking out an annual Planned Preventative Maintenance contract which us which can not only cover your water treatment requirements, but also those of your capital plant itself.

All customers with a Planned Preventative Maintenance contract benefit from a priority response to unplanned outages and discounted parts and labour rates.

    • AquaCool SF10 –  is high concentrate pH neutral cleaning fluid for the removal of iron and lime scale deposits, flux residues and other sediment deposits from HVAC, heat pump, refrigerant and process cooling pipework during pre-commissioning. This product is compatible with most common metals and can be used in both new and existing systems to help improve operational and energy efficiency. For optimum plant performance, AquaCool SF10 should be used first as part of a two-step cleaning and sanitising process before using AquaCool SF20 sanitiser and biocide – see below. AquaCool SF10 is available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers.

    • AquaCool SF20 – is a stabilised, fast acting, sanitiser and biocide solution, especially formulated for use with ground/water and air source heat pump, bio-mass systems and in process cooling, chilling and refrigeration systems. This product should be used during the pre-commission cleaning of pipework in heating and chilled water systems or to clean and disinfect pre-installed systems already contaminated with biological fouling after first being cleaned with AquaCool SF10. The active ingredient in AquaCool SF20 is an oxidising biocide which decomposes to an environmentally benign substance providing protection against a wide range of microorganisms including legionella bacteria. AquaCool SF20 is available in 1, 5 and 20 litre containers.

    • AquaCool SF50 – is a concentrated water-soluble liquid blend of corrosion inhibitors and pH buffers, designed to provide long lasting protection against corrosion in multi-metal closed circuit water systems, helping to maintain energy efficiency. Unlike existing products on the market, the proprietary blend of corrosion inhibitors in AquaCool SF50 work by forming a monolayer on metal surfaces and the formulation is free of gelating silicates, toxic nitrites and mutagenic borates. AquaCool SF50 is available in 1, 10, 20, 200 and 1,000 litre containers.

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