Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is used to detect the early warning signs of mechanical fatigue which, if left unaddressed, could lead to a potentially expensive machine or component failure. In addition, this can lead to disastrous knock-on effects to other equipment which could result in costly and lengthy downtime. All rotating equipment vibrates to some degree, but the older the components get, the greater the increase in vibration and the greater risk of an unforeseen machine or component failure.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging surveys are a highly effective non-contact diagnostic technique for checking the condition of machinery and components without the need to shut down operations. Thermal imaging “sees” infra-red wavelengths emitted from objects and then converts the temperature information into an image. Hot spots, shown as red, indicate temperature rises which highlight problems or potential future failure points.

ClimaCheck Efficiency Analysis

To measure is to know. Know the performance, maximise efficiency, lower your costs. The energy and operational efficiency of any temperature control equipment has a direct impact on its environmental and financial performance.  Enhancing energy efficiency will help lower CO2 emissions and the impact of your operations on the environment and, by ensuring that all equipment is operating efficiently, you can minimise your running costs and extend the working life of the assets at the same time.

Case Studies

Precision Laser Alignment

In rotating machinery, misaligned shafts are widely recognised as one of the key contributors to plant breakdowns. Poor shaft alignment can lead to increased vibration and stress, excessive friction and wear, higher energy consumption, damage to the shaft seal and ultimately, drive motor and compressor bearing failure. Laser shaft alignment is fast, accurate and efficient and will help get your rotating machinery running at peak efficiency, extending the mean time between failures through increased reliability.

Oil Analysis

Air, gas and refrigeration compressors are critical components within many manufacturing operations. One of the primary causes of compressor failures is contamination of the oil itself. Lubricants serve several purposes in compressors from maintaining temperatures and lubricating moving parts to creating seals. Without regular sampling and analysis of compressor oil, there is an increased risk of system degradation and costly component failure.

Water Sampling And Treatment

Cooling systems, whether open-recirculating cooling towers or closed-loops systems are an essential component in many commercial, industrial and process environments where their primary purpose is to remove heat via a heat exchanger to water in a cooling system. If a cooling system, or the water used within it, is poorly maintained or left untreated it can lead to several common problems that will affect cost, performance, reliability and safety. Without effective water treatment these issues can include.

Noise Impact Assessment And Monitoring

A noise impact assessment is necessary is you are planning to install, or already have installed, any noise generating equipment such as air conditioning units, process chillers or extraction systems to ensure you are not adversely impacting the surrounding environment such as nearby residents and other businesses. At Aqua, all our noise impact assessments are carried out in accordance with the approved methods outlined under the national standard BS 4142:2014+a1:2019.

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