Temperature control unit selection tool – We are delighted to be able to advise that our brand new selection program is now live! The state-of-the art software has been designed with our trade partners in mind and enables you to select ambient cooling products to your clients’ specific design parameters.

This includes adiabatic, dry air coolers and free coolers as well as refrigerant condenser units.

How It Works

You simply input required criteria – duty, flow & return temperature, dry & wet bulb, % and type of fluid going through the unit – and our selection tool does the rest. The software scans our complete product range against the parameters and returns a list of suitable units and shows what they’ll each achieve working to the specified design conditions.

To make life even easier, the program will also consider any restrictions you are working to. For example, restricted on space? Simply tell the software the maximum workable space available and the units selected will meet your design criteria and space restrictions. You can also specify maximum pressure drop through the fluid paths, type of fan required, fin material, space between the fins, as well as noise requirements.

selection tool

Optional Extras

Sound good so far? The ingenuity of the system does not stop there. Once you have chosen your unit you can then add on optional extras to suit client needs. These include electrical, supports, adiabatic, fin treatment, frame, and packaging options.

The selection tool will show the cost of each option and the overall price of the total package. At the end of the process you will have a detailed selection, inclusive of pricing and relevant drawing, all of which can be printed as a PDF and presented to the customer. Click here to see an example selection

selection tool

Energy Calculations

If you click on “Energetic Calculations” on the last screen, the program will also generate a detailed energy calculation based on the selected unit and design criteria – click here to see an example. This gives you a true lifetime cost of the product which is a great tool to use with your customer.

Based on UK conditions, it will tell you how much water the adiabatic will use at each ambient temperature and how much power the EC fans will utilise. The example above also illustrates just how efficient these units are – using as little as 0.03kW input power to generate 100kW of cooling, in an ambient of 15˚C and below.

If you’d like more information on our selection tool and are interested in discovering how it can enhance the service you offer your customers, call our Sales Manager, Shaun Lancaster or visit our Contact Us page for ways to get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!





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