CRAC Units – also known as Precision Air Conditioning – our highly efficient Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units included air cooled, water cooled and chilled water variants.

The full range of Aqua Cooling’s Data Centre precision air conditioning CRAC units covers DX air cooled, DX water cooled and chilled water units. In addition, when our chilled water CRAC units are combined with our Queen’s Award-winning Leak Prevention System (LPS), leak-free operation is guaranteed!

Air Cooled

crac unit

ED.X – Power Series – 7kW to 138kW – air cooled – these models can be combined with remote condensers.

crac unit

ED.E – Power Series – 6.3kW to 135kW – air cooled – direct expansion close control units with remote condensers.

crac unit

ED.X. F Series – 21kW to 93kW – air cooled – direct expansion close controls units with free coiling coil and remote condensers.

Water Cooled

crac unit

ED.H – Power Series – 7kW to 151kW – water cooled, direct expansion with water cooled condenser.

crac unit

ED.H F Series – 22kW to 103kW – direct expansion, close control unit with water cooled condenser and free cooling coil.

crac unit

UW range – 5kw to 154kW – chilled water close control units incorporating chilled water coil and backward curved type fans.

A typical data centre set up, with chilled water CRAH units (Computer Room Air Handling Units), Supported by a chiller, with integral Free Cooling. Additionally a small dx unit, cooling a small switch room, complete with remote condenser.

Case Study

Keeping the World’s Data Cool

4D Data Centres is a UK-based colocation provider, providing ultra-fast connectivity, business-focussed cloud and cyber solutions to organisations around the world. Data centres are at the heart of nearly all internet-based technologies, including Facebook, Google, WhatsApp and Amazon. Keeping all this technology online takes a lot of power, not only to run the computers themselves but also to keep them cool, otherwise they would quickly overheat. When 4D took over an existing data centre building at Gatwick, Aqua was selected for its ability to upgrade the existing chiller-based cooling system, with installation and commissioning taking place whilst the facility was live. Working in direct partnership, Aqua designed and built an intelligent, energy efficient data centre cooling solution that significantly reduced the need for mechanical cooling and provided fresh air free cooling. The project design focussed on a bespoke solution with energy efficiency, system resilience and reliability at its heart. It was critical that it was completely scalable, future proofing the client’s business model, allowing them to scale up to high density capacity at 40kW per rack when market demand required. Aqua’s ‘water tower’ system uses evaporative cooling to lower the temperature of the computers in the data centre.

4D - Peek Inside Gatwick Open Day - April 2020

CRAC Unit Advantages

Small foot print vs kW cooling capacity
High efficiency cooling
Cooling dehumidification
Cooling, dehumidification, humidification
Free cooling
Dual power supply
Thyristor controlled heating
Electronic expansion valves
Automatic air flow control

Downflow Units


Air inlet at the top air outlet under the floor. This unit is a DX or refrigeration version, with on-board scroll compressors. With the condenser located outside the building. These compressors could be either on/off compressor, or optionally inverter controlled for better energy efficency. The units have a range of additional options, to personalise the unit for the user, including as shown above humidifier.


This downflow unit incorporates a chiller water coil, with humidifier and pumped condensate.

Full Turnkey Solutions

Aqua’s aim is to build a life-long relationship with our customers, becoming essentially a “one stop shop” for all your temperature control requirements, for now and the future. The three divisions of our business – Sales, Hire & Service – enable us to help clients every step of the way.

Our USP is our ability to offer clients a complete turnkey solution. We’ll work with you from initial site visit and system design to installation and commissioning. Our services include:

  • Free design consultancy, including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations
  • Mechanical and electrical installation – encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power and cabling, all CDM compliance, full project management and delivery
  • Aftersales support – including preventive maintenance plans to maximise product lifespan and efficiency

Our business is built on our core values of technical excellence, care, integrity and a “can do” attitude. We train all our people to be specialists in what they do – innovative engineers dedicated to providing practical, effective and efficient solutions supported by second-to-none customer service.

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Established in 2001, Aqua Group are a market leading force in the design and supply of innovative temperature control solutions. Our team has a vast product knowledge base and years of application experience and is focused on finding the most energy efficient and price competitive solution for your specific business needs.

Whether you’re an end user looking for a bespoke cooling system design or a trade customer trying to source a single chiller unit, our specialist engineers are on hand to help. Aqua Group’s core values – Technical Excellence, Can-do Attitude, Integrity and Care – are at the heart of everything we do, and we always strive to achieve the highest level of customer service experience.

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