Data Centre Cooling systems are essential to ensuring optimum performance of your IT infrastructure. Using our extensive knowledge and experience of cooling systems, we build bespoke solutions. These are tailored to the specific needs of your environment. From a single room Data Centre/Comms room, right up to an enterprise grade server farms.

Dozens of successful data centre deployments for our customers have helped us constantly refine and improve our products. Our patented Leak Prevention System (LPS) was won the Queens Award for Enterprise 2015: Innovation. It is this expertise that we bring to all of our clients’ projects.

Whether you are building a new Data Centre from scratch, or upgrading and retrofitting an existing building, Aqua Group has an extensive product inventory that can be deployed in any configuration for optimum efficiency.

Full Turnkey Solutions

Aqua’s aim is to build a life-long relationship with our customers. Becoming essentially a “one stop shop” for all your temperature control requirements, for now and the future. The three divisions of our business – Sales, Hire & Service – enable us to help clients every step of the way.

Our USP is our ability to offer clients a complete turnkey solution. We’ll work with you from initial site visit and system design to installation and commissioning. Our services include:

  • Free design consultancy, including AutoCAD drawings, 3D modelling and energy calculations
  • Mechanical and electrical installation – encompassing civil works, offloading & positioning, pipework installation, mains power and cabling, all CDM compliance, full project management and delivery
  • Aftersales support – including preventive maintenance plans to maximise product lifespan and efficiency

Our business is built on our core values of technical excellence, care, integrity and a “can do” attitude. We train all our people to be specialists in what they do – innovative engineers dedicated to providing practical, effective and efficient solutions supported by second-to-none customer service.

Case Study

Aqua Help Norwegian University Students Keep Cool

Aqua and their brand partners in Bedfordshire have linked up again to supply ground-breaking Data Centre Cooling technology to one of Norway’s top universities. Aqua Group has delivered its multi-award winning state-of-the art Leak Prevention System (LPS) in conjunction with Rear Door coolers to the prestigious University of Stavanger in a deal that consolidates the British firms’ links with the European higher education sector. The LPS technology, which has won several industry prizes including a 2015 Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation) and recognition by the Institute of Physics (IOP), was designed, developed and patented by Aqua. The Hampshire firm’s ground-breaking design complements Rear Coolers, which themselves won a 2013 Queen’s Award for Enterprise (Innovation); the top-flight Norwegian university’s new Data Centre Cooling system combines the benefits of both designs. This unique composite all-British product offers customers a leak-free guarantee. That is transforming data centre cooling applications worldwide.

Our computer room air conditioning units (CRAC) provide precise cooling and humidity control. While Rear Door heat coolers help to maintain steady temperatures inside each server rack. Further temperature control is made possible using In-Row coolers.

The physical layout of your Data Centre and deployment of IT hardware will affect air flow and cooling. Our team will assess your data centre to assess and remove hot spots using state of the art cooling distribution units (CDU) and free cooling. By maintaining a consistent temperature across your Data Centre, you can expect optimum computer system performance and a reduced rate of hardware failure.

Advantages Of Rear Door Cooling

Helping You Reach Your Green Targets

When designing new Data Centres, many CTOs are expected to build according to the company’s corporate social responsibility targets. The need to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint requires the use of innovative cooling solutions.

Using our extensive experience, Aqua Group is able to offer a selection of products that deliver the environmental control your Data Centre cooling demands, as part of a more eco-friendly approach. As well as deploying carbon neutral cooling systems, we can also provide energy recycling and heat recovery units that reduce waste.

We can even design and install renewable natural source systems that allow you to take advantage of borehole, river, lake or salt water for environmentally friendly cooling purposes.

Energy Efficiency

With our multi award-winning low Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratings, Aqua’s Data Centre Cooling system, incorporating our unique Leak Prevention System (LPS), offers the most energy-efficient solution for Server Rack cooling and Data Centres.

For the most energy efficient server rack and Data Centre Cooling, Aqua’s multi award-winning systems are the choice of professionals.

The low Power Usage Effectiveness ratings guarantee your cooling systems are as efficient as possible. While our unique leak prevention system also reduces risk of catastrophic coolant failure. Our low to high-density Rear Door cooling system can even provide up to 55kW/rack.

Aqua’s system cools at the point of use. This is a clear advantage when compared to traditional systems or hot/cold isle cooling systems. These are often bulky, inefficient and limit space utilisation within the Data Centre.

Improving Your Operating Environment

Aqua’s DC cooling systems consistently outperform fresh air cooling systems. They are also designed to avoid the issues of entrained dust or humidity inherent in fresh air cooling systems. They also do away with the traditional hurricane air flow approach.

Because Aqua’s system cools at the point of use, you can avoid the limitations of traditional cooling systems. This approach ensures optimal use of space in your Data Centre. Replacing bulky and inefficient hot/cold isle cooling, with an award-winning alternative that is tailored to the specifics of your environment.

Even Lower Cooling Costs Through Renewable Energy Sources

Due to its unique design Aqua’s system can be tailored to use natural coolant sources such as borehole, river, sea or lakes located near your Data Centre. We have already installed many systems across the world using these methods. Giving our customers market-leading efficiency and resilience.

The use of natural sources for coolant allow our customers to withstand hurricane and typhoon scenarios. And our free cooling Data Centre cooling system can reduce energy consumption by up to 95%. Finally, our server cooling system is also fully compatible with N+1 or N+N requirements.

Rapid Change Opening Up New World Of Opportunity

The world of data centre design is incredibly fast moving and very fluid. We’ve come a long way from the days when 19°C air temperature and 6°C chilled water was a key design principle. Over recent years, equipment manufacturers have been united in their efforts to minimise energy consumption. Unsurprising really when faced with a potential global energy crisis around CO2 emissions and the accepted premise that energy costs account for 33% of data centre total operating costs.

As green technology has developed, cooling system design has evolved hand in hand. When 10°C chilled water temperatures became a workable possibility, it opened the door to free cooling options. Then Turbocor compressor technology stepped into the arena. A highly effective solution for chilled water applications but savings needed to be carefully balanced with ongoing service, maintenance and replacement part costs.

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Why Call Aqua?

Established in 2001, Aqua Group are a market leading force in the design and supply of innovative temperature control solutions. Our team has a vast product knowledge base and years of application experience and is focused on finding the most energy efficient and price competitive solution for your specific business needs.

Whether you’re an end user looking for a bespoke cooling system design or a trade customer trying to source a single chiller unit, our specialist engineers are on hand to help. Aqua Group’s core values – Technical Excellence, Can-do Attitude, Integrity and Care – are at the heart of everything we do, and we always strive to achieve the highest level of customer service experience.

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