Aqua Group have a long standing relationship, 20+ years, with manufacturing & technology company, Hitema. Based in Padua near Venice, Italy, Hitema specialise in researching, developing and producing a portfolio of products & services for the industrial refrigeration market.

They are a world class manufacturer of industrial chiller units. With a passion and Italian flare for the design of innovative products. Hitema produce for every industry sector, from air-conditioning to the highest specifications for the nuclear sector. Whether it is from their standard product range to the bespoke one off, all at a competitive price point.

Hitema pride themselves on offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions. With a continued focus on maximising energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. With a 15.000 square meters workshop at their headquarters, Hitema has become a leading force in the development and progression of chiller technology on a worldwide basis.

With their state of the art modern manufacturing facility they can produce chiller units for seismic evaluation and specification. With fluid temperatures down to as low as -40°C to the highest ambient of 55°C. In addition, with the addition of adiabatic systems to the condensers they can produce a system for anywhere in the world, land or sea based. Products include air cooled chillers and water cooled chillers, scroll, screw, inverter screw and Turbocor chillers. All either with or without complete hydraulic systems, including tanks run and standby process pumps and control valves.

Range Of Benefits

Hitema have the enviable advantage of being able to manufacture to order. Enabling them to produce products that tailor to each market place. Such as 30 second restart facility on data centre cooling projects, containerised chillers for sea going vessels or low temperature chillers for engine test facilities. Hitema are a forward looking, engineering biased company amongst the other manufacturers in their sector.

Over the last decade there has been an increasing focus on energy saving across all sectors. At the heart of Hitema is an aim to reduce the electrical consumption of their products using the most effective, innovative and efficient techniques possible. New technologies are endlessly applied across the board, to raise the bar when it comes to refrigeration system efficiencies.

Innovative Solutions

Hitema are very aware of the sensitivities of the process cooling, air conditioning and data centre industries. Today there are so many applications that require effective and innovative solutions. To reduce the absorbed power requirements of the refrigeration hardware. The optimum operation of the refrigeration equipment at partial loads is especially significant when average annual ambient air temperatures are between +5°C and +20°C (typical for the vast majority of European countries). For even lower ambient temperatures, the combination of inverter technology coupled with that of free-cooling (whereby chilled water can be produced by using fan energy only), can also be effectively used to produce chiller units with greater efficiencies than previously considered possible.

For example, Hitema’s ENR/ENRF chiller range and SBS/SBSF chillers, from their Cooling Plus Energy series, have air cooled condensers, operate on R-410A refrigeration, and include complete free cooling (models ENRF and SBSF) to guarantee energy savings. The ENR/ENRF units are equipped with either stainless steel plate type, self-cleaning coaxial or shell & tube evaporator, aluminum finned copper condenser, axial fans and rotary compressor (mod. 001÷005) or scroll compressors (mod. 008÷480, up to 4 compressors) installed on one refrigeration circuit (mod. 001÷100) or two independent refrigeration circuits (mod. 130÷480). The SBS/SBSF models are all equipped with shell & tube evaporator, modular aluminum finned copper coil condensers, mounted in V configuration, axial fans and scroll compressors (up to 6 compressors) installed on two or on request, three independent refrigeration circuits.

Continuous attempts are made to reduce the energy consumption of all systems. By improving the management of cooling power, optimizing the flow paths of water-glycol and providing greater temperature accuracy. Modern, environmentally friendly refrigerants have less impact on the environment, yet can yield excellent thermal performances.

However, large refrigerant equipment still has very high power requirements. For example, very large air or water cooled chillers with screw compressors. The utilization of screw compressors is traditionally very high amongst chillers over 300 kW. Therefore the optimization of partial load performance, is a real focus. Hitema’s intelligent solution to this is to control the large power demands of the screw compressor technology by the deployment of inverter driven electronic devices.

This inverter technology has a number of benefits. Cooling power increases – up to 20% above optimal cooling power at 50 Hz – as the compressors can rotate with higher gears, reaching higher frequencies of up to 130 Hz. It also gives increased operating flexibility, reduced electrical consumption, less CO2 emissions, enhanced control of water outlet temperature (typical tolerances of around +/- 0.5°C and increased longevity of the compressor due to less mechanical wear.