As we all find ourselves in extremely challenging and unprecedented circumstances, we wanted to communicate how we can help and support our customers’ businesses over the forthcoming coming weeks and months ahead.

At Aqua we pride ourselves on our commitment to viewing our customer relationships as being for the long term. You’ll often see us talk about our values on social media and on our website, promoting how we’re not just in this for a quick sell but that we want to have a long lasting strategic relationship with our clients so that they can benefit from the 360° degree approach our Service, Hire and Solutions Sales teams offer. Our values include those of care, integrity and a can do attitude – and we see this highly unusual situation as an opportunity to really stand up to those values and help support our valued customers as much as we can.

So below are a few initial suggestions as to how we might be able to help you lower your operating costs, save energy and offset CapEx costs through this difficult period.

  • Lowering overhead costs is critical to protecting your business and your process cooling system can really play a part here. If your process isn’t running, turn the system off and conserve energy. It’s pretty much the same logic as to why you turn off the lights at home when you leave a room. It’s a simple but very effective way to keep costs down.
  • If you’re a processor, could you use less energy to run your cooling plant? By increasing your fluid temperature, adopting free cooling principles and/or swapping to inverter driven motors you can save energy and cut costs. We have customers who have had an energy upgrade on their system and they are saving more each month in energy than they’ve spent on implementing the equipment. It really is a win, win!
  • For customers looking at equipment outlay – have you considered leasing options? Now more than ever companies need to have fixed monthly budgeting and reserve their CapEx. Rather than outright purchasing, leasing gives you all the benefits of having the latest energy saving equipment, but with manageable costs that can be offset as OpEx expenditure. Again, you could save more in energy than you outlay in monthly payments – and we can give you transparent, real time operating figures to prove the possible savings upfront. For more information on our range of finance solutions click here
  • Are you in a critical supply sector? If you’re ramping up production for the current scenario, renting a temporary solution from our Aqua Hire division could be the ideal solution. No real outlay, flexible hire agreements and nationwide coverage.
  • Again, for our critical supply manufacturers who are ramping up production at this time, is your cooling system limiting your production ability? It might be that we can tweak your system to help you run faster and more efficiently. We’re offering a free survey where we’ll come to site and ascertain how we can modify your system to increase your cooling ability.
  • Is your current system working as effectively as it could be? Our Service team can carry out an evaluation using specialist equipment which can illustrate where you have potential opportunities for saving energy & operating costs. Click here for more information on our ClimaCheck system.

Give us a call on any of the above and we’ll ensure you pay no consultancy charges and will give you a completely free of charge site survey with zero obligation (we will happily set up a virtual meeting too if it’s not possible to come to site). We’d like to help our clients’ businesses through this period of uncertainty and set you up to face the future as profitably as possible.





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