About Me

Hi, my name is Ben Newman and I have recently joined the Southern Sales Team here at Aqua Group.

I have spent the last 15 years selling temperature control equipment to a wide variety of clients in the South, focusing on what clients ask for, offering solutions, and continuing to assist them after their equipment has been installed.

I’d like to offer this support to you, hopefully enhancing the approach you’ve received from Aqua Group in the past, so wanted to ask if there’s anything specific you need from us to help you build your business’ profitability? This could be a quote for a more efficient unit (for example a free cooler or a replacement unit), an amendment to an existing service arrangement or you might be considering something completely difference. If that’s the case then please do give me a call.

ben newman

In addition, we thought it might be of interest to you if we put together 5/6 supportive or technical updates throughout the year, focussing on helping or improving your cooling plant. This could include a reminder to check or top-up your existing cooling-glycol fluid, or a prompt to book in a service maintenance visit before the winter period (which would include checking your glycol levels).

If you’d like a more proactive approach from us, perhaps different to that detailed above, do let me know. Equally please advise if there’s any specific information you’d like to have, our key objective is to do what we can to make your life as easy as possible. If we can also save you money on your bills then we’ll do that too!

Thank you for your interest in Aqua as well as your past business. My goal will be to progressively help you get the most from your temperature control solutions which I hope will enhance your business’s growth over the coming years.

Email – ben.newman(AT)aquacooling.co.uk

Phone – Main Number – Option 1 For Sales

Mobile –  07909442716

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Aqua Group has won various Awards over the years from the SME Of The Year – Solent Business Awards to the European Business Excellence Award – ActionCoach.

In 2015 Aqua were proud to receive the Queen’s Award For Enterprise: Innovation for our Innovative Leak Prevention System (LPS).

Please view our Awards page for more information.